In this Release

  • Transition to Puppet Labs
  • New PuppetDB integration feature
  • Support for Puppet 3.2, including –parser future (iteration, lambdas)
  • Direct Publishing to the Forge from within Geppetto
  • Improved Editing of Modulefile / module meta data.
  • Based on (compatible with) Eclipse 4.3 Kepler
  • New documentation
  • Bug Fixes

The 4.0 release of Geppetto is the first after the transition to Puppet Labs. This means several things:

Transition from 3x. to 4x

There is no automatic update from Geppetto 3.x to 4.x (the product is rebranded, so technically Geppetto 4.x is a different product). What you will need to do depends on how you installed Geppetto:

  • If you are using the Packaged Geppetto:
    • Download the new version and use it instead
    • The new Packaged Geppetto will contact the new update site for maintenance releases.
  • If you have installed Geppetto into an Eclipse IDE
    • Uninstall the 3.x version of Geppetto
    • Remove (or disable) the old Geppetto update site from known update sites
    • Add the new update site
    • Install the 4.x version from the new update site

When Geppetto 4.x is launched on a workspace that has been used with Geppetto 3.x the startup logic will update all meta data written by Geppetto 3.x. (This only happens once). Once this rewrite has taken place, you can not use the workspace with Geppetto 3.x.

If you are uncertain, create a new workspace for Geppetto 4.x.

Downloadable Geppetto 4.x Update Site

We are currently looking into a solution for providing the update site as a downloadable item (for those that want their users to update from an internal site).

Meanwhile, please contact Puppet Labs if you need this.

Staying on Geppetto 3.x

There are no new planned releases of Geppetto 3.x. The current 3.x update site will remain for the time being (but do not expect any automatic updates).

Fixed issues

  • Bug fixes related to Modulefile/metadata.json editing (Issues #532, #537, #545, 552)
  • Bug fix related to bundle conflicts (Issues #533, #534)
  • Metadata.json missing empty entries (Issue #536)
  • Support for eclipse proxy settings when connecting to the forge (Issue 539)