Additional Examples

This repository contains examples that show how you can use Bolt to automate complex tasks. Unlike the Hands-on Lab, these examples are not meant to be followed in any particular order. Each example includes step-by-step instructions, commands that you can copy and paste, and project files that you can download in advance.


This exercise will help you get Bolt installed on your system. If you are unfamiliar with Bolt or the Bolt Tasks ecosystem, it may be helpful to complete our Hands-on Lab as well. It walks through the basic concepts, including how to write your own tasks and plans that can be used with Bolt.


These examples cover more ways that you can leverage Bolt to automate complex tasks.

Contributing Examples

Interested in contributing an example to this site? Pull requests are welcome on GitHub. If this is your first time contributing to Bolt, please read our Contributing Guidelines.

While you are developing an example there are a couple things you should keep in mind:

A complete project directory may look something like this:

├── Boltdir
|   ├── inventory.yaml
|   ├── Puppetfile
|   └── site
|       └── my-module
|           ├── manifests/
|           ├── plans/
|           └── tasks/