Changes to Supported Modules

We are continually reviewing our Supported modules list and understanding usage and value to users. We want to ensure that the CAT team is prioritizing support for the modules that matter the most to you.

We are taking the step to remove Puppet support from the below listed models, this change will happen effective 15 July 2022. While these will not be supported any longer by Puppet, the repos will stay active for use and community contributions, as such they are not going away.

Why are we making these changes?

We are making this move in order for us to focus on providing more robust and quality content for our other existing modules and to also allow us to bring to our user base new and exciting content that can help you manage and run your environments.

Reminder on reporting of Issues

In order to better triage and prioritize work surrounding each module, please remember to raise issues to the GitHub repositories. We have deactivated new submissions for the Modules Jira Project and have moved existing tickets into our workflow to be reviewed.

Catch us on Slack for any further info or questions and look out for some exciting updates in the future.