Deprecation of puppetlabs-stdlib functions

Throughout the massive push to get our modules Puppet 8 compatible, we have also been working on finally removing old deprecated functions that have been living in the codebase for quite some time. Keep an eye out for the removals as this may impact your code base if you are using them.

Impacted Functions

  • abs
  • camelcase
  • capitalize
  • ceiling
  • chomp
  • chop
  • dig44
  • downcase
  • getvar
  • hash
  • has_key
  • is_array
  • is_bool
  • is_float
  • is_ip_address
  • is_ipv4_address
  • is_ipv6_address
  • is_numeric
  • is_string
  • lstrip
  • max
  • min
  • private
  • round
  • rstrip
  • sort
  • sprintf_hash
  • strip
  • upcase
  • unique
  • validate_absolute_path
  • validate_array
  • validate_bool
  • validate_hash
  • validate_integer
  • validate_ip_address
  • validate_ipv4_address
  • validate_ipv6_address
  • validate_numeric

This list is not exhaustive and for more information please check out the module source code here.

Thank you to everyone that contributed and helped us!

I would like to take the opportunity to do a massive shout to the community with helping us on this one, it has been a massive team effort. None of this would have been possible without the dedication from everyone and in particular smortex, b4ldr, bastelfreak, alexjfisher and MartyEwings.

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