3rd April 2020: IAC Team Status Update

The IAC team has been working on a lot of interesting things over the past week. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve been up to:


We’ve now completed our 3rd week as a fully remote working team. It seems like we’ve all adopted fairly well as it’s feeling like the “new normal”, insofar as normal can be during these unprecedented times. One new addition to our team’s process is our Friday social chats. We all down tools and chill out, chat, have a drink and play some games! Often, the team members' pets will make a welcome appearance. :) We hope you, your friends, family and colleagues are continuing to weather the storm and that everyone is healthy and safe. Puppet have been striving to help our customers, community members, users and partners during this difficult time. The IAC team continue to remain engaged with the always awesome Community to keep the conveyer belt of improvements moving! Stay safe and well!

New Module Releases (IAC Team)

Let’s kick things off by highlighting some new module releases:

puppetlabs/iis v7.0.1

Thanks to pillarsdotnet for his PR that fixed MODULES-10419!

We’d also like to thank johnrogers00 for his fix and additional test coverage!

New Module Releases (Community)

It’s great to see members outside of the IAC Team releasing new modules:

Thanks to GabrielNagy and ciprianbadescu for their efforts to get this new version of zfs_core released.

Litmus gem v0.18.1 release

We have released v0.18.1 of the puppet_litmus gem. There were quite a number of fixes that went in to v0.18.0 and v0.18.1, but a few highlights worth mentioning:

Supported Module Litmus Conversion

On the topic of Litmus, we’re continuing to make progress on the conversion of all supported modules to the framework:

After that, we’ll be moving on to puppetlabs/ibm_installation_manager.

Puppet + DSC

michaeltlombardi has continued to make excellent progress on our refactor of DSC support in Puppet. To find out what we’re doing, the reasoning behind it and why we’re SUPER EXCITED about this, check out Michael’s earlier blog post

Debugging with Honeycomb

Honeycomb continues to provide us interesting insights that guide us to problems lurking in our test infrastructure. dev_el_ops used the reported data/metrics to investigate an issue pointed out by carabasdaniel. Check out dev_el_ops’s [earlier blog post]({% ref _posts/ about it.