29th May 2020: IAC Team Status Update

Greetings from the IAC Team - here’s our status update for this week!

Module Releases from IAC Team

Here’s the new releases in the modules this week:

Module Releases from Puppet

Here’s some module releases from other teams in Puppet you may be interested in:

Gem Releases

We’re happy to announce a new version of Litmus has been released:

Community Contributions

The wonderful community members that continue to contribute to our modules have provided us with the following enhancements:

Many thanks to mdklapwijk, Wiston999, thechristschn and fraenki for your excellent contributions!

IAC Team Demos

We frequently demo some of the the enhancements to the [tools]({% link tools.html %}) under our management to ourselves or the wider company. Check out the videos on our new [demos]({% link _docs/ page where you can see:

  • Danny taking you through the steps for adding a new provisioner to Litmus
  • Sheena demonstrating how we use the invaluable pdksync for deploying and testing the same change to multiple repos

PuppetDSCBuilder Beta Testing

It has been greatly encouraging to see a number of people signed up to be early adopters of the PuppetDSCBuilder project. We just had another sign up this week! If you’re heavily involved in Windows admin, Powershell and DSC, check out the previous blog post from Michael which outlines the functionality and how to get in touch with us to participate!

That’s a wrap for this week! To our Romanian IAC team members (Danny, Daiana, Adrian) and any Romanian readers out there - enjoy the long weekend!