3th July 2020: IAC Team Status Update

The IAC team has been working on a lot of things over the past week. We want to share with our community some of the most interesting things. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve been up to:

Module Releases from IAC Team

puppet_litmus 0.18.4 was released

We have released v0.18.4 of the puppet_litmus gem. There were quite a number of fixes but a few highlights worth mentioning:

DavidS - Protect version reporting from undefined-ness: 312

lswith - Ignore stderr of serverspec commands by setting request pty to false 309

Community Shout outs for IAC

We appreciate our community contributors as they are always ready to help and they have excellent ideas. Here are some highlights of this week:

Thanks to Guillaume Leroy for the bug fix on tomcat module.

Thanks to Marc Schöchlin for the kubernetes PRs which bring a lot of new changes. We’d also like to call out two fixes in the puppetlabs-apache module: h-haaks for 2041 and farebers for 2021.

Customer tickets closed this week

The team have closed out the following customer tickets: MySQL issue (MODULES-10597) and a vcsrepo issue (MODULES-10659).

Big thanks to Adrian and Sheena.

Contributors Acknowledgements (it’s always nice to hear back from the community)

FYI my contribution has been released. It’s fantastic! Faster than I ever thought! - Filip Hrebek

I’m happy that my (little) contribution to @puppetize #tomcat module was merged - Francis

Thank you, folks! Thank you for your contributions and your positive feedback!

Final exam for Daiana

Tuesday, Daiana had her last exam from college, now she is officially an engineer and she started the work on the docker and kubernetes modules.

Happy news

We regret to announce that Michael Lombardi is leaving the software engineering position from the IAC Team, but we are pleased to announce that he is immediately rejoining the team as a senior software engineer! Well done, Michael, the promotion was long overdue and truly deserved. Thank you Michael for the hard work! Congratulations!

Apache module work in progress

This week sees a lot of excellent community contributions in v5.5.0 of the puppetlabs-apache module. We have also been working on improving our test strategy around Apache MODs to ensure we can turn around updates to the module in a faster manner. Check out sanfrancrisko’s blog post which outlines what we’ve done and how we’re handling test coverage for Apache MODs, going forward.


That’s it for this weeks update, a big THANK YOU for all your contributions and support.