31th July 2020: IAC Team Status Update

It’s Friday - time for another status update from the IAC Team! Here’s an overview of some of the work we and the community have been up to recently:

Module Releases from IAC Team

We’ve had a few modules released this week:

Community Contributions

We’ve had plenty of great community contributions this week:

Newly released blog

In response to some questions from the community, the wonderfully talented David Swan a proud member of the IAC team, has released a new blog post detailing the use of Litmus with Vagrant, covering both the basic usage as well as some more detailed functions. So if you have some free time or just want to learn more about Vagrant please give it a look. You can find it through the link shown here.

Puppet 7

Testing with the Puppet 7 nightly builds began in earnest, this week. Whilst building out our automation for more extensive and regular testing (using pdksync at it’s core), we have been running tests against a subset of the [supported modules]({% link modules.html %}). So far, testing has generally been quite positive, with some minor issues arising. Fortunately, we work with awesome colleagues who are very quick to react to any issues we discover, helping with the debugging process and providing fixes really quickly. Thanks to joshcooper, we hope to have a fix for one of these issues quite soon! gimmyxd and mihaibuzgau are helping to analyse the other issue we’re currently encountering and binford2k has been assisting in how we communicate any potential impacts to the Puppet Community. On that note, it goes without saying, we are doing everything possible to make the jump to Puppet 7 as seamless as possible and provide clear communication to the Community for anything that you will need to be aware of.