4th September 2020: IAC Team Status Update

The IAC team has been active over the past week. We worked on releasing modules and also reviewing contributions from the community. Here’s a resume of the most cool things:

Module Releases from IAC Team

We’ve had a few modules released this week:

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the fantastic Puppet Community for the following contributions over the past week:

DSC User Testing

With the last of the major technical hurdles out of the way, the PowerShell DSC Puppetizer is ready for another wave of user testing. Joey Piccola reached out to offer some help with testing (thanks, Joey!) and we were quickly able to Puppetize and send over both ActiveDirectoryDsc and xFailOverCluster - putting almost 30 puppetized DSC resources into his hands in mere minutes! Not only have the build times slimmed dramatically, but the packaged size of these modules is tiny, under 150kB each! If you’re interested in participating in our beta testing program, you can reach out to us at!

Welcome to the Team

We want to announce to you that Disha Kareer is the newest member of the IAC Team. Disha is Undergraduate student studying BSc Computing and Information Technology including Professional Experience. She enjoys volunteering and meeting new people. She will help us to fulfill the IAC Team noble mission.


That’s it for this weeks update, a big THANK YOU for all your contributions and support.