11th September 2020: IAC Team Status Update

Hi everybody! Here’s an update from the IAC Team for the week that was. It’s worth mentioning that it has been quite an eventful week with some unexpected fires, here and there. Nothing we and our wonderful Puppet colleagues can’t get on top of, but, worth highlighting as this week’s update may be a little light! We’ll divulge more details in due course, after we’re on top of the fixes.

Speaking of fires, we hope that any of our Community members and Puppet colleagues on the US West Coast are keeping safe at the moment and that life hasn’t been impacted too adversely with the wildfires coarsing through many parts of California, Washington and of course, our HQ’s home state of Oregon.

Stay safe!

Welcome Back David!

Many of you in the Community (and of course, Puppet!) will know who David is - he is definitely one of the most integral members of both the Community and Puppet, interally. David had to take some time away back in July - we mentioned this in our 2020-07-17 blog post. We’re extremely happy to be able to formally welcome David back - for the two months or so you were away, it certainly highlighted how pivotal you are to the IAC Team!

I’m sure everyone in the wider Puppet Community are also glad to see you back too! :)

Module Releases from IAC Team

We have two modules released this week:

Community Contributions

  • puppetlabs-apache#2063: We’d lke to thank nbarrientos for his fix that ensures the correct default shared lib path for mod_wsgi on RHEL 8. The responsiveness was very much appreciated by the team - a pleasure working with you!

Puppet 7 & Ruby 2.7 Testing

We continue to expand the integration testing effort of the Puppet 7 nightly builds against our core, [supported modules]({% link modules.html %}). Thanks to Sheena and Norman for leading the test effort whilst I was out on vacation.

Disha’s Second Week

We didn’t scare Disha off, by the looks of things, so we must be doing something right :) Disha has been working through some training material set out by the team and here’s how she’s been getting on so far, in her own words:

I am currently working on the learning VM quest guide with Paula, Daiana and Ciaran to solve an issue for verifying certificates. We hope to get this issue resolved soon so that I can continue with the learning VM training. The link to the Quest Guide for the Puppet Learning VM is here. I also had a quick session with Ciaran to learn markdown language for writing weekly team blogs. I will be exploring markdown language via this tutorial provided by Ciaran. There will be a dedicated training session on markdown language in the coming weeks.
Thank you to the team of IAC for helping me this week in the training sessions! I am now looking forward to next week and all the exciting stuff to learn.

Wrap Up

Glad to have you on board Disha and great to see you progressing really well in such a short space of time! :)

That’s all for this week from the IAC Team! Stay safe!