2021-01-15: IAC Team Status Update

Hello! Hope 2021 is panning out well for you all! Here is this week’s update from the IAC Team:

Community Day

The week started off as it usually does, with the team reviewing open PRs across the Supported Modules and Tools.

We managed to process a total of 18 community contributions (either approved & merged or feedback/work contributed to), of which:

Thank you as always to the consistently awesome Puppet Community for your contributions!

We had a full team participating in Community Day this week and it allowed us to start in to the process of reviewing the backlog of issues reported via JIRA or as Github Issues against the modules and tools.

This is something we have been conscious of and itching to tackle, as a team, for quite some time. We believe it’s a testament to the success of having the whole team on Community PRs each Monday that we now find ourselves in the nice position of being able to take on this work. We’re not going to lie - there’s a lot to get through - we appreciate your patience as we try to get on top of this backlog, but we hope that when we do, it’ll allow us to be much more responsive to tickets / issues raised by the Community.

There may be some that we will need to close due to long inactivity, however, please feel free to reengage with us over the next few weeks if you’re pinged by JIRA activity on the ticket - we’ll be very happy to work with anyone who has a contribution / suggested contributed that is beneficial to the wider Community.

Puppet Camp: Call for Papers (March, April)

Puppet just announced on Thursday the CFPs for the two virtual Puppet Camps in March and April are now live. Please feel free to spread the word and of course, if you are interested in submitting a paper, full details here

Cloud CI Update

The Cloud CI provisioning service is nearing it’s first v1.0.0 release. We have begun to tidy up a couple of loose ends for the initial version. We now have 35 of 47 the IAC supported modules using the service, only the most complex modules are still not ported, and will require more investment in supporting their additional needs. The future will bring a couple of improvement that will allow us to port a couple more modules (multi-node testing) and ease the module release process(automated module release preparation).

DSC Modules Update

As of this week, there are 68 puppetized PowerShell modules with DSC Resources up on the forge in the dsc namespace. We have meticulously converted all available versions of these modules in case you need a direct move from a prior version of one of the modules, meaning there’s 642 total releases available right now! We’re hard at work on documentation and guidance for troubleshooting these autogenerated modules and transitioning from our legacy DSC integrations, more to follow!

Inappropriate Terminology Removal

David Swan has been diligently continuing with the effort to remove inappropriate terminology from our code repos. We are now 82% complete:

  • 41 modules resolved
  • 1 in progress
  • 18 remaining

Networking Module Support

We are closing out the PoC of an enhancement to the Cisco IOS module. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

Litmus v0.21.0

We released version v0.21.0 of Litmus earlier in the week. Check out the release notes for more details as to what changes are included in this version.

Puppet Module Gems v1.0.1

We released 1.0.1 of the puppet-module-gems to fix a minor issue with litmus upgrade paths. Now new versions of litmus are allowlisted.

rspec-puppet-facts Gem v2.0.1

Thanks to mcanevet rspec-puppet-facts 2.0.1 was released with a big performance fix. Please make sure to upgrade!

Life as an Intern at Puppet

Disha is now over four months in to her journey on the IAC Team! Check out what she’s been up to this week.

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

Please swing by our office hours on Monday on Slack if you want to directly contact us about anything module related.

New Module / Gem Releases

The following modules were released this week:

Wrap Up

A lot of exciting new stuff in progress from the team, I hope you would agree? Again, a massive thanks to everyone in the Puppet Community who continue to provide great contributions! Have a good weekend!