2021-02-05: IAC Team Status Update

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

Check all the ways to reach us if you want to directly contact us about anything module related.

New Module / Gem Releases

The following modules were released this week:

Cloud CI

This week the development work was focused on the automated release preparation and multi-node testing.

The template for the automated module release preparation in pdk-templates is currently undergoing testing and, hopefully, by the end of next week a pdksync across all our supported modules will ease releases in the future.

For a quick preview on multi-node testing, take a look at this NTP pull request that deploys two VMs on GCP with different roles and runs an integration test suite to check communications.


Over the last two weeks we’ve released several small iterative improvements to our Puppet.Dsc PowerShell Module and the puppetlabs-pwshlib Puppet module as we draw towards closing out our first major milestone. As part of this effort, we published two new blog posts; one on troubleshooting Puppetized DSC modules and another by Paula on migrating from puppetlabs-dsc to the Puppetized dsc-* modules.

The troubleshooting document has already paid off, leading to the filing of excellent bug reports and even a bugfix PR independent of the IAC team by Bill Wilcox. It also led to a pairing session with Jordan Bush where he was able to discover and file a repro for a bug in xDnsServerDiagnostics in the xDnsServer PowerShell module.

We’re excited to see the adoption of the Puppetized modules in the dsc namespace on the Forge grow, especially now that we’ve cut down on some of the guess work for migrating from the older puppetlabs-dsc module. The last remaining tasks in our first milestone are administrative, so next week will see us tackling issues in the next milestone which should set us up for a 1.0.0 release.


Check out the new nightly builds (use the puppet6-nightly repos for now) of the PDK with ruby 2.7, facter 4 and puppet 7. Please note that this is also dropping puppet 4 and hence will become PDK 2.0 at some point in the near future.

Ecosystem Kickoffs

Despite the travel restrictions, the wider ecosystem group at Puppet came together this week to share challenges, ideas, and plans. While we can’t share many of the details (yet!!), it was a great opportunity to exchange with our friends from the Forge, Bolt, Integrations, and Solution teams, as well as update our understanding of how our work fits into the greater Puppet Product Strategy. Big shout-out to Ben Ford for stepping up to the role of Product Manager and organising a week chock-full of Content!


Last week, David Swan addressed a long-standing issue where litmus would get confused about exit codes when running puppet. This week saw a minor adjustment and another litmus release to make this also work for the docker_exp provisioner.

Cisco Networking

Ciaran put up a draft PR on some new Cisco/Bolt functionality. All comments welcome!