2021-02-19: IAC Team Status Update

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

MODULES-10899: Thanks to cdamage for liaising with the original reporter of this issue and getting a PR with a fix ready so promptly. We’d also like to thank beatchristen for additional contributions for this PR to allow PHP 8 packages to be installed on Debian 10 when using the experimental repositories. Finally, thanks to gguillotte for reviewing and helping to get it over the line.

The IAC team would like to thank Edwin Maldonado from Puppets Solution Architect team, for joining our Community day this week. It was great having Edwin sit in and help out.

Edwin’s first contribution during Community Day to hiera-eyaml has already been released.

Check all the ways to reach us if you want to directly contact us about anything module related.

New Module Releases

The following modules were released this week:

During the release process for the puppetlabs-wsus_client Disha discovered that tests were failing on AppVeyor due to a legacy parameter error which adapted Pester 5 to Pester 4 syntax. Thanks to Paula for fixing this issue by raising a new PR and taking time out with me to explain what was wrong, as well as releasing the new version on the Puppet Forge

Puppet Litmus and PDKSync

Good news this week! The PDKSync run for all our supported modules:

  • Removes Puppet 5 testing based on the new PDK Templates config_defaults.yml
  • Added an automated module release preparation workflow that will trigger at the end of each week and prepare a PR for Community Day
  • Cleans up provision.yaml files on all modules

Work on Puppet Litmus continues with the update of the matrix_from_metadata_v2 script that will generate a complete matrix of the OSs in the metadata.json file including the possible docker containers we can use. With these changes merged in we will update the pdk-templates nightly and PR test acceptance workflows to maximize acceptance test coverage in the Github Action workflows as this will allow us to easily remove Travis and Appveyor from our PR testing in the near future.

Cloud CI

This week work has mainly focused on wrappring up the initial setup for the automated module release preparation workflow that is now part of PDK Templates. Having this feature will definitely ease module releases for everyone in the future.

The work we are currently doing on Puppet Litmus and the PDK Templates will improve our Github Action acceptance tests coverage. For a quick preview on how the acceptance tests will look in the future see the tests we are currently running with both VMs and docker containers here

On the multi-node testing we have begun work on the puppetlabs-kubernetes module, where we are preparing an integration test setup that will use the Cloud CI provisioning mechanism to test puppetlabs-kubernetes module with the associated puppetlabs-helm and puppetlabs-rook modules.