2021-03-12: IAC Team Status Update

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

Check all the ways to reach us if you want to directly contact us about anything module related.

New Module / Gem Releases

After the release bonanza of last week, this week was very quiet in that regard:

We would like to thank Josh Cooper for the help in fixing the Sensitive issue on postgresql module. The relevant PR and the ticket.

Community Day

With few releases, this week we could focus on spring cleaning tickets. Overall we processed 85 github PRs and JIRA issues. Now, for the first time in several years, we are able to dig into the community backlog. If we continue this rate we would burn through all currently open tickets by the end of the year. While a fun thought experiment, the reality is that we’re focusing on the easy bits first. Weeding out reports for removed and unmaintained tickets, assigning components where necessary and removing layers of previous generations of project management will allow us a clearer view of next steps.

Cisco backup/restore tasks

Ciaran implemented config backup and restore tasks for Cisco devices in this PR. If you have the cisco_ios module in use, please give the new capabilities a spin and tell us about it! Ciaran has been testing them against the Cisco Modelling Lab, and that is a pretty nifty thing to play around with.

Litmus inventory.yaml files are on the move

This week we have been working on GH-380. We realised that it might be surprising to people and dangerous when running bolt and litmus from the same repo. If you currently use puppet-litmus please be prepared for an inventory.yaml file relocation in the next few weeks. The new location will be spec/fixtures/litmus_inventory.yaml. This is to keep all our litmus configuration separate and to avoid mishaps in production. This will include changes in:

  • puppet-litmus
  • provision module
  • pdk-templates

The work is still ongoing and being tested, however expect to see this in the next few weeks! When you upgrade to the new version, make sure to also upgrade/redownload your puppetlabs/provision fixture module with the updated tasks.

Cloud CI Update: multi-node

This week we have started the work on porting the puppetlabs-websphere_application_server module to use the Cloud CI for testing. Thanks to Ciaran we’ll now be able to set up spec testing using Github Action workflow for all our supported modules PR. With the release of puppet_litmus 0.26.0, the spec tests workflows and the publishing workflow merged into the pdk-templates we’ll follow up with a pdksync accross all our supported modules. On the multi-node testing both the puppetlabs-helm and puppetlabs-kubernetes modules now run an integration suite testing for each pull request on a multi-node environment using the Cloud CI provisioning service.

Updating Community Reports

As part of the new CI we started tracking the health of CI in the Github Actions Report. While functional, the initial implementation was rather … drab. Daiana is working on an overhaul and it is already looking a lot better!


screenshot of the old report, with lots of black lines and wasteful vertical layout.


screenshot of the new report, with a donut chart of overall success and compact horizontal arrangement.

Other Work

  • David Swan fixed a locale issue when using litmus with RHEL7-based targets (IAC-1420) and has turned his attention now to the removal of inappropriate terminology from our tooling repos.
  • Daiana updated the kubetool images on dockerhub: MODULES-10964
  • Disha fixed handling of draft PRs in our reports: IAC-1197
  • Ciaran started on transitioning spec testing from travis and appveyor to github actions: IAC-1307 captures part of the work.


Regular dev work slowed down a bit as were shifting into new patterns based on gearing up for executing on this year’s planning cycle. I, for one, am very chuffed about the progress we made as a team and against our goals and I’m even more excited about the plans we’re setting in motion now. We’ll make sure to keep you updated here.