2021-06-18: IAC & DevX Team Status Update

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

Check all the ways to reach us if you want to directly contact us about anything module related.

New Module / Gem Releases

The following modules were released this week:

DevX Team Update

This week, we’ve been busy preparing for the release of version 2.1.1 of PDK. We’re hoping to have this delivered early next week - full details will follow, but, there’s a number of fixes so we’re moving as fast as we can to get this landed soon. One fix to call out is GH-1083, which was originally brought to our attention by Michael and David. There’s a number of other folks awaiting this fix, so thanks to you both for diagnosing and testing the fix! Also, thanks to Glenn for his help in the early stages of RCA’ing it too. In other news, we’ve been planning and discussing some of the next big pieces of functionality we want to get in to next release of the PCT EA programme (0.2.0). The sort of things you can expect is template installation and formalized template structure. Another area is addition of telemetry data that will help us determine how the app is being used and provide us with another feedback vector on top of the great Github Discussions we’ve had so far. If you want to get involved in the PCT Early Access programme, check this blog post out

Community Day

We had a very busy community day this week with the team processing 45 tickets across our supported modules and tooling. It was also great to see our Trusted Contributor helping support the community alongside the IAC team.

Catch some of our team members live, now on Twitch!

Looking to deepen your knowledge of the PDK or how Puppet builds and deploys Windows DSC modules? Look no further! Our Director of Community, Lauren Lee, is now live streaming on Twitch with some of our team members, and you can keep up to date on the Puppetize Twitch Channel.