2022-09-30: Content & Tooling Team Status Update

It’s Fishy Friday 🐟

Hello! How is everyone? It feels like ages since my last post.

In my house Fridays are known as ‘Fishy Fridays’. It came from my daughters school because one of the meal options on Fridays is fish and chips (🤷) and kind of stuck.

Here are a few highlights from our week:


The ci for puppet-strings has now been moved to GitHub actions and the existing travis integration has been removed. In addition, some time was spent aligning the project with our current standards. This meant lots of fun with Rubocop and spec tests. You can see the work in this pr.

The goal is to work through all of our supported tooling and carry out similar tasks.

The icing on the cake was the contributions from danielparks. Big shout out and thank you for helping us move the project forward.


David has been investigating the removal of puppet-module-gems from our modules. Our hope is that by removing this layer of abstraction we can make module development easier and remove any confusing version constraints.


The month of October is Hacktoberfest for many open source communities. This year the CaT team are excited to be participating so keep your eyes open for modules and tools repositories with the hacktoberfest topic!

Alternatively, you can check out this page to see all of the Puppet repositories that will be participating.

That’s all from me. Enjoy your weekends.

See you soon!

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

New Module / Gem Releases

The following modules were released this week: