2023-03-31: Content & Tooling Team Status Update

Spring has sprung!

Happy Friday everyone. Hopefully you’ve had a good week. We’ve been busy in the CAT team but the brighter mornings and the brighter nights have made it all easier.

PDK 2.7.1

We have released PDK 2.7.1! It’s a big win for us that we are now able to release PDK on a more frequent cadence; there’s been a lot of effort that has gone into that this year. Shout out to Craig. This release updates PDK Templates to 2.7.4 and fixes an issue with duplicate build-ids for RedHat 9 packages. You can find the release notes here.

Adding Puppet 8 support

It’s been all hands on deck this week for our team in getting all of our modules and tools prepared to support Puppet 8 for its planned release later this month. This has involved adding Ruby 3.2 support, upgrading Rubocop, updating code to comply with the new cops, and removing Puppet 6 support. We will be releasing a clean cut of all of our modules and tools before we release the Puppet 8 supported versions.

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

New Module / Gem Releases

The following modules were released this week: