2023-08-25: Content & Tooling Team Status Update

Hello Again!!

As the sun sets on another week of collaboration and innovation, We would like to extend a warm welcome to this Friday’s update. Our shared journey continues to be one of remarkable growth and progress, and it is my privilege to share some noteworthy contributions and developments that have illuminated our path. Specific to the Belfast Office, this Monday is a bank holiday so if you ping us you shouldn’t expect a response until the Tuesday.


In alignment with our enduring dedication to furnishing robust and all-encompassing solutions, we are delighted to unveil a substantial augmentation to our puppetlabs-apache module. We are elated to introduce support for the log_forensic module, an inclusion that holds the potential to heighten the security and auditing proficiencies of our infrastructure. This module facilitates the implementation of forensic logging for the client requests directed to server.

We are pleased to announce that our efforts to enhance the puppetlabs-apache module have resulted in the successful addition of support for configuring ciphers along with their respective SSL protocols. This crucial update enables us to precisely define SSLCipherSuite configurations within the module, fostering a more secure and tailored approach to our encryption settings.

ERB to EPP Migration Progress:

As we approach the final phase of this transition, The contributions of team members have been instrumental in bringing us closer to a more streamlined and optimized template system. We have started observing the positive impact that EPP templates bring in terms of readability, maintainability, and template management efficiency.


The Firewall pr is finally done and is up and accepting reviews! Anyone who has some free time feel free to come and have a look. The current plan is to have it merged and released out by next week and you can expect a more detailed blog post about the various changes made within it around that same time.


Nothing much to say this week. While we have gotten a lot done in the background there is not much ready for us to announce.


One thing to note is that there has been a recent change to our Puppet.Dsc generated modules. As part of a recent discussion they have been downgraded from the supported badge, to the approved one. This has been done mainly to highlight the fact that the generated modules are merely wrappers for existing Dsc coe and as such issues that come up regarding them are most often on the dsc side and as such not something we can fix ourselves.