2023-09-29: Content & Tooling Team Status Update

Hello Again!!

Today, being Friday, is a fitting occasion to reflect on our achievements and to look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We extend warm greetings to each of you and hope this message finds you well. As we approach the end of another productive week, we would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for ongoing contributions to our community.


The holiday season is in full swing in India, and as a result, we enjoyed a day off on Tuesday, with another one coming up on Monday. Therefore, please expect responses and any future updates to recommence on Tuesday.

New Release of Apache Module (Version 11.1.0)

We are delighted to inform you about the launch of puppetlabs-apache version 11.1.0, which introduces new passenger parameters and addresses issues that were reported following the 11.0.0 release.

Enhancement in apt module and source list generation fix

Within the scope of puppetlabs-apt, we have achieved significant milestones. One particularly noteworthy accomplishment is the successful incorporation of support for modern keyrings. This represents a substantial advancement in our pursuit of modernization and enhancement of the capabilities of the Puppetlabs-apt module. Also there has been enhancement in the generation of source list based on $release and $repos parameters for puppetlabs-apt module. It is crucial to acknowledge that notwithstanding these achievements, there remain tasks that are yet to be completed and areas that require further refinement before we can consider this undertaking as fully realized.


This week we have been quiet with quite a few of the team enjoying some time off. In the background Gavin D is continuing to get ramped up on our tools and I have full faith he will do some amazing things for our team. Both David Sandilands and Gavin had an amazing time at DevOps Day in London and came back buzzing from all the exciting conversations that they had.

puppet-editor-services has had a bit of a lift this week!

Jordan has been working on some tidy up on the puppet-editor-services repo this week. This included dropping support for Ruby 2.5 and adding support for Ruby 3.0 and other small maintaincence pieces. If you are interested in his work check out his PR!

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

New Module / Gem Releases