2023-11-24: DevX Status Update

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Although we don’t have an official Thanksgiving holiday here in Belfast, we celebrated in our own way on Wednesday afternoon by going to the local Christmas Market for some food and beverages. I think we’ll all be heading back again soon just to make sure we sample some of the other available tasty options!

Update for this week

We have several announcements. One, we won’t be renaming puppet-lint and rspec-puppet, as we discussed earlier in the month. Fortunately and with the help of our community, we’ve discovered a way to keep these gem names as-is which will make everyone’s life alot easier! The solution is this: we’ll not only continue publishing puppet-lint and rspec-puppet to but also publish to a separate gem source on the GitHub rubygems registry. For example, look at the bottom right of the rspec-puppet home page and you’ll see a new Packages section. Furthermore, we’ve yanked all the renamed gem releases from, and re-pointed our internal tooling to the original gems (puppet-lint and rspec-puppet). The list of yanked gems are: puppetlabs-puppet-lint v5.0.0, puppetlabs-rspec-puppet v5.0.0, and puppetlabs_spec_helper v7.0.0 (had dependencies on both of the above). puppetlabs_spec_helper v7.0.1 was released yesterday, which now depends again on the original puppet-lint and rspec-puppet gems. Thanks for all your cooperation on this and apologies for any inconvenience!

Two, we added a new tool puppet-resource_api to our suite. Originally created to manage Network devices, the resource_api is a library that simplifies the way we write new native resources for Puppet, and provides a transport layer to act as an intermediary for forming connections between the Agent and other locations (cloud infrastructure, REST APIs). It’s been a key tool in the day-to-day work of some internal Puppet teams. After some investigation and long due discussions, we have decided to take ownership of it, with the hope we can give it the love and attention it deserves.

Finally, we want to wish Gavin (@GSPatton) all the best in his new Perforce role. This was our first week without him and we sure missed him!

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

New Gem Releases