2024-01-19: DevX Status Update

Cold Friday!

I don’t know how is it for you but over here, we have been freezing for a few days already! Waking up to a white frosty street is something I would enjoy a bit more in December rather than January. But oh well, at least its Friday, and with it comes our latest blogpost.


We finally got our engineers Gavin Didrichsen and David Swan sorted with plane tickets and appropriate accommodation as they prepare to attend the upcoming Ghent Config management camp. If, by any chance, any of you is attending the conference too, this will be a perfect opportunity to meet part of the team in person and share your opinionsand ideas with us. We hope to see you there!


We have started work around our Rubocop versioning on tools. We are actively upgrading our tools to consume Rubocop 1.50 while addressing some minor forgotten cops. This should improve the general health state of our Tools while, hopefully, making life a little bit easier for anyone who wants contribute to them. For now, we only have one or two tools but you can expect more repositories to get the same treatment in the following week.