2024-02-09: DevX Status Update

Hello, again!

Hello! Another week done, and we are back again with our weekly blog post to keep you all updated about the rumblings in the DevX team. Not too much to say this week, but rest assured there is plenty of exciting work in the pipeline.

A Successful few days in Ghent!

What has become somewhat of a tradition for the DevX team, our engineers David and Gavin were able to put a face to the github handle of many of you, our great puppet community, at Cfgmgmtcamp this week in Ghent. They had a blast getting to talk to you guys about all things Puppet, and here in the DevX team we have already began to take action on some of your advice.

There’s no better alternative than face-to-face interaction, and thanks to our team’s time in Ghent, we were able to gauge just how the community make use of some of our developer tooling, like pdksync. You were also able to bring to our attention some long standing pain points with ruby-pwsh, and we intend to action this!

Fixing bugs with puppetlabs_spec_helper

In other news, here’s a list issues that got closed out with puppetlabs_spec_helper this week:

  • puppetlabs_spec_helper (7.0.4)
    • (GH-397) - Honour default symlink when additional symlinks delcared #431
    • (GH-422) - Allow to be optional in fixtures #430

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

New Gem Releases