2024-04-19: DevX Status Update


Hello again, we’re back again with another one of our updates before we all sign off for the weekend. Hope you all either have some plans, or get the chance to relax at the weekend, I have a busy one coming up so I’ll be taking any chance I can get to stick the feet up.

You asked, we listened

Our collection of analytics from the PDK has always been somewhat of a touchy subject. On one hand, analytics help us to make informed decisions about the PDK, gauge its usage and identify possible improvements, but on the other hand we can see how some of you aren’t too keen on your PDK usage data being collected. The PDK always made it easy for it’s users to opt-out of analytics collection, but due to recent events with dependencies, and the fact it decided to break on us, we as a team have made the decision to completely remove the analytical code from the PDK. That’s right, as of the next PDK release (which will be coming shortly…), the PDK will no longer collect any analytics, regardless whether you had them enabled or not. We are hoping this will open up the PDK to a whole lot more users from the Puppet Community!

Some other small bits and pieces

In admittingly less exciting news, we have been working on some maintenance, bugfixes and feature requests in the background across our tooling suite. We had noticed some transient errors caused by the ENV’s in our GitHub action runners, so are working to implement some automatic retries to failed workflow runs, which will help give us a truer representation of the health of our developer tooling repos.

Additionally, puppetlabs_spec_helper received a recent update, and will now validate your bolt plans as well as your manifests when you run the bundle exec rake validate rake task that is shipped in puppetlabs_spec_helper. This change is still awaiting release, but will go out the next time the gem is published.

That’s all folks

That’s all for this week. See you again next friday!