2024-05-31: DevX Status Update

June coming in already and we are closing May with a couple of announcements.

New triage visibility

We are working on moving our current triage process from internal boards to GitHub Projects. We are hoping this will bring a bit more transparency into how we approach community raised PRs and issues. Make sure to check the board out if you are interested.

puppetlabs-dsc_lite adoption

We have officially adopted puppetlabs-dsc_lite into our toolset! This module suffered a bit of neglect over the last few years, as we worked on other projects. However, we have given it a fresh coat of paint and it is now up to speed with the rest of tools/modules, ready to be used with Puppet 7 and 8.

New PDK download pointers

Another event worth mentioning is that we have moved our PDK download links to the Forge. That means that we no longer offer PDK package downloads from our puppet website. Instead, those links will be redirected to the Forge.

Holiday time

As we have mentioned previously, June is already here. This means that, over the next few weeks, we might be a bit lighter on resources, as some of us are heading to holidays. I’m sure many of you might also have plans soon enough. We just wanted to let you know that some common events, like our community PR/issue triage or Office hours will probably move a bit slower than usual.

May you have a nice summer start!