2024-07-05: DevX Status Update


Hello again everyone! As we begin to wind down for the weekend here in Belfast, we’ve got plenty to talk about. Hope you all had a productive week, and are sticking the feet up to take a well earned rest.

Thank you all, for all your help

Big shout out to Team Voxpupuli including Tim (@bastelfreak) Martin Alfke (@tuxmea), Robert Waffen (@rwaffen), for a fantastic brainstorming session this week. We’re all very excited about cracking some of our common challenges: in particular module dependency management.

We <3 GitHub Pages

We’ve recently moved some of our documentation to GitHub pages. Having our docs consolidated in this one place will make life easier for us when maintaining them, and easier for you when trying to find them! You can find docs for puppet-lint, rspec-puppet and puppet-strings by clicking each link.

Cleaning out the closet..

This week we decided to clean our closet a bit. We ended up archiving the pdk-rubocop repo and tucked it away into the puppetlabs-toy-chest. We really hoped pdk-rubocop would turn into a one-point place for all of our Rubocop rules, but it just wasn’t meant to be (for the meantime anyway). Although if you really liked the idea, don’t fret, here’s a similiar gem you can take a look at, voxpupuli-rubocop. Check it out on Github or rubygems.

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week: