Command reference

List of useful Litmus commands.


Litmus has the ability to display more information when it is running, this can help you diagnose some issues.

export DEBUG=true

Useful Docker commands

To list all docker images, including stopped ones, run:

docker ps -a

You will get output similar to:

docker container ls -a
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                      COMMAND                  CREATED              STATUS                     PORTS                  NAMES
e7bc7e5b3d9b        litmusimage/oraclelinux9   "/bin/sh -c /usr/sbi…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>22/tcp   litmusimage_oraclelinux9_-2225
ae94def06077        litmusimage/oraclelinux8   "/bin/sh -c /sbin/in…"   3 minutes ago        Up 3 minutes     >22/tcp   litmusimage_oraclelinux8_-2224
80b22735494e        litmusimage/stream9        "/bin/sh -c /sbin/in…"   5 minutes ago        Up 5 minutes     >22/tcp   litmusimage_centosstream9_-2223
b7923a25f95b        ubuntu:22.04               "/bin/bash"              6 weeks ago          Exited (255) 4 weeks ago>22/tcp   ubuntu_22.04-2222

To stop and remove an image, run:

docker rm -f ubuntu_22.04-2222

To connect via ssh to the Docker image, run:

ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no root@localhost -p 2222

Note that you don’t need to add to the known hosts file or check keys.

To attach to the docker image and detach, run:

docker attach litmusimage_centosstream9_-2223
 to deattach <ctrl + p> then <ctrl + q>

Note that you cannot attach to a Docker image that is running systemd/upstart, for example, the litmus_image images.