Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide to using PCT.

This quick start guide will show you how to:

  • Create a “bare bones” Puppet module from the puppet-module-base project template
  • Add a Puppet Class to the module
  • Add a Github Actions Workflow to test the module against the currently supported Puppet versions

STEP 1: Create a Puppet Module

Let’s name our module test_module using the -n flag: new_project_template

STEP 2: Add a New Class

If we cd in to the module root dir, everything will get deployed with the correct layout: new_class

STEP 3: Add a Github Actions Workflow

Want to know what configurable parameters are availble for a template and their defaults? Run pct new --info <TEMPLATE_AUTHOR>/<TEMPLATE_ID>:


We’re happy with those defaults, so let’s deploy this item.

Since we’re outside the module root dir, we’ll use the -o option to point at the root dir: