Overriding Template Defaults

Learn how to override default template values.

Perhaps you use a template often and find that you set the same values over and over? As a template user, you can choose to override the default values specified by a template author.

Note: To view the default parameters for a template run pct new --info <TEMPLATE_ID>.

To override these defaults you need to create a pct.yml containing the template id along with the values you wish to override.


  foo: "wibble"
  isPuppet: false
  - "Red"
  - "Blue"

  key: "value"

You don’t need to override everything. For example:

  isPuppet: false

User level configuration

Placing a pct.yml within $HOME/.pdk/ allows you to create global overrides. Everytime you generate content from a template the configuration will be used.

Workspace configuration

You may also place a pct.yml within a workspace.

Running pct new within a directory makes the current working directory your workspace. If you specify an --outputdir that location is your workspace.

The configuration specified in a workspace pct.yml will override any configuration found within the user level configuration at $HOME/.pdk/pct.yml