It’s Friday - time for another status update from the IAC Team! Here’s a short overview of some of the work we and the community have been up to recently:

Community Contributions

We’ve had plenty of great community contributions this week:

Preparing for Puppet 7

Given the upcoming release of Puppet 7, the IAC team have begun working with our colleagues on the Puppet Agent team to ensure that the supported modules and tools we manage are thoroughly tested with Puppet 7. We hope to begin testing the modules with the nightly builds of Puppet 7 from next week. Special thanks to mihaibuzgau and gimmyxd for their help in this effort!

Re-Engaging with the DSC Builder

As I’m (michaeltlombardi) back from my paternity leave and off of CI triage, sheenaajay and I are back at work on the DSC builder, racing to cross the last couple hurdles before we’re happy with the implementation.

More on this - and possibly a full blog post on it - later, but I’ve been wrestling with canonicalizing manifest values so we can get a case insensitive but case preserving behavior from Puppet - which is what PowerShell users expect of DSC whether or not they think about it explicitly! If you’d like to see more on the tangled web that this PR/ticket has turned into, let us know!

Sheena meanwhile has been hard at work fixing bugs and ensuring that our support for class-based DSC resources is up to scratch! She’s working on the broader end-to-end testing which should help significantly boost confidence in the capabilities of this builder.