Note: Make sure you’ve installed Wash before going any further. If you’re unfamiliar with Wash, then check out the home page and watch at least one of the screencasts.

This series of hands-on tutorials introduces you to Wash’s more advanced features. You can complete them in any order. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few good options:

Some tutorials include optional exercises at the end of each section. These exercises are meant to test and improve your understanding of the material; they are not meant to trick you. If you find yourself feeling frustrated with a specific exercise or question, please let us know in the #wash channel on Puppet’s community Slack. We’ll try to find a way to simplify the exercise, or even remove it if it does not add any value.

All exercises include their answers so you can double-check your work. Some exercises may have more than one acceptable answer. If you have any questions on an exercise’s solution, or on the correctness of your answer, then please let us know on the Slack channel.